maandag 29 september 2014

Tutorial: colouring wood!

Hi everyone!

Today it's me, Deborah, and I have a tutorial for you!
This time I wanted to show you how I colour wood with a little structure.

This is a funny image from Kraftin' Kimmie Stamps and I wanted to give that cute little girl a wooden chair to sit on. 

The first thing to do, is colouring the entire chair with E31 (the lightest colour for wood)

When you've done the whole chair, you have to flick (tiny little stripes) with your E37 where the darkest parts have to be. Just like you colour hair. 

After that, you have to flick with your E35 over the previous flickings for a little blending. Leave enough space between the flicks, you still have to see the E31 peeking through.

Now you need to blend the lines with your E33 marker by flicking again over the previous parts.

Now it's almost ready but we need a little more depth in the wood.
And you can do that with your E59 marker by just flicking where there have to be shadows.
Now the chair really pops.

I hope you had something on this tutorial. If you have questions, please let me know I'll answer them!

Here's my card I've made with this cutie:

Copic colours:
skin: E13, 11, 00, 000, R22, 20
hair: E29, 25, 23, 1 
red: R59, 37, 35, 22
blue: N7, B29, 26, 24, 32
green: W7, G28, YG67, 63, 61
yellow: W3, 1, Y17, 15, 11
eyes: YG17, 13, 11 

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Feestelijk!!!
    Creatieve groetjes, Gaby

  2. Gave tutorial en wat een schitterende kaart en zoooooo mooi ingekleurd. Daar ben je toch echt een kei in zeg. Liefs, Nicole


  3. Hoi Deborah,

    Geweldige stempel,
    hele mooie kaart ☺

    Gezellige en fijne nieuwe (knutsel) week ☼
    Liefssss Erica

  4. Knap hoor, je bent echt een expert. Het plaatje heb je weer zo gaaf verwerkt tot een supermooi en feestelijk kaartje!

  5. Je bent een artiest Deborah, echt prachtig met een super leuke kaart tot slot!!

    xx Irene

  6. Oh, dit is wel heel gaaf zeg!


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