maandag 27 februari 2017

Romantic Wedding!

Hi everyone!

Deborah with another inspiration post for you. Are you married? Well, I’m not. I’m still waiting until he asks me, haha 😉

I think most of the girls are dreaming of a romantic wedding like you see in the movies. Not in a church but somewhere with a nice vieuw and a romantic wedding arch full with flowers. That was my inspiration for today.

I love the geeky family so much, so I used this image and here are the colours I’ve used for this scéne.
  • skin: E04, E11, E00, E000
  • hair boy: E59, E37, E35, E31
  • hair girl: E59, E57, E55, E53, E51
  • dress: BV25, BV23, BV20, V20
  • jacket:  100, B39, B37, B34
  • trousers and shoes: 100, BV29, BV25, BV23
  • red: E29, R46, R24, R22
  • flowers: RV17, RV55, RV52, RV69, RV04
  • arch: E29, E25, E23, E21
  • grass: YG67, YG17, YG09, YG06, YG03
  • clouds: C3, C1, B60
  • sky: B00, B000

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